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Monday, October 19, 2009

YISCHEF: Vegan Gyoza

Here’s rather nice recipe for vegan gyoza (aka Japanese potsticker dumplings) .

Okay, as per most of my other recipes, I don't measure anything, so it's adaptable to suit your tastes.

I use white gyoza skins from the Asian grocer as the casing and the filling is a combo of mashed roast chestnuts (also available from Asian grocers in vacuum sealed packs- the European varieties are a lot more pricey, but equally decent), finely chopped dried shiitake mushrooms that have been suitably rehydrated in hot water for at least an hour (sometimes I add fresh shiitake too, if I feel like it), finely chopped leeks (white part only), sesame oil (I use it VERY sparingly, as it tends to be horribly overpowering when added with a heavy hand), finely chopped garlic chives, grated ginger, cracked pepper, a spalsh of soy sauce and a shake of shichimi (which is optional, but I have a preference for one that has yuzu in it).

Mix all this shit together till it resembles something a bit like the consistency of hamburger mince, assemble mixture in gyoza skins, cover bottom of non-stick frying pan in neutral tasting oil (such as rice bran or peanut; I prefer the former), place gyoza in, fill two-thirds of the way up the sides of pan with boiling water water, cover with fitted lid, and wait till all the water has evaporated. This is when the gyoza are done.

Stuff yourself stupid, preferably accompanied by an Asahi or 10.
- B.L.

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