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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friends: Kate Wilson of The Laurels & The Holy Soul

Seeing as Kate is in town this week, I thought it'd be appropriate to give her bands a plug.... not that they need it really, with The Holy Soul just having played a sold-out show with The Mess Hall at NSC over the weekend, and The Laurels playing a pair of sold-out shows with Tame Impala at the Corner tonight and on Friday (as well as a Karova Lounge show on Wednesday)... All that traveling must be tough, so, here's a sympathy plug: The Holy Soul are launching their album "Damn You, Ra" at The Oldie on Saturday, November 7th, and I reckon that they'll struggle to get a crowd supported by Mick Turner, Miniature Submarines and Late Arvo Sons... we might have to offer to do a free YIS T-Shirt signing out the front on the night to help get some people through the door...

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