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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photos: YIS & The Thod, Pony, Sat 17/10/09

All shots by Matthew Fazio. Click to enlarge!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night; it was a really great night and we didn't suck! So, that was a pleasant surprise. Thanks to Aiden & James for organising, Luke for the bass amp and the rest of The Thod for an excellent set... and also JJ Symon and his Monochromes (Monocrettes??) as well, who were also great... and excellent dudes too.

Organising some more YIS/THOD action for Thursday, 3rd of December at Yah Yahs, which isn't confirmed, but pencil it in anyway.

Today is YIS-II practice with Andre, Tim, Matt and myself for our next gig; the YIS LIVE MIXTAPE #1 on Saturday October 31st at The Tote. (Also the unofficial pre-party for Wu Tang, and official birthday drinks for Andre.) FREE, 5pm start. 6pm YIS.


  1. Pretty swell photos. I could have taken better ones, but.

    ... obviously I haven't forgotten about that time I made that poster for Screaming Pigeons and Matt made the "better one". I've been crying myself to sleep for four years.

  2. ...and that is why we'll never make it to 12MC.

  3. ...also cos our last names arn't White, Casablancas or McCormack.