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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gear: Tym Guitars Bass Face

"This is another old school fuzz designed especially for you bass players. This is a "messy" bass fuzz for fat stoner rock and psychedelic. The circuit is based on the classic Shen-ei fuzz above using old stock C945 transistors. I've added more gain and true bypass etc. This design has been used by bass players in JAMC and Cosmic Psychos, among others."

Andre was lucky enough receive one of this bad boys for his birthday. It's a pretty crazy pedal, and we haven't given it a full workout yet... but so far it's been a lot of fun. Tim and the gang were also nice enough to include a birthday T-Shirt for him as well! Awesome dude. You can get one and other similarly awesome pedals over at the Tym Guitars site, which also has his own guitars, amps and cabs, as well as an outstanding collection of reasonably priced used guitars.

The graphics on the new Tym pedals are designed by Jackyl from Sixfthick, who has one of the best blogs going over at Guitar Nerd. Also an outstanding fellow.

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