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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Competition: Win an Ice Cream Social with YIS

So, you're all aware of the YIS LIVE MIXTAPE coming up at the Tote in a couple of weeks, right? Inspired by Henry Rollins' and Ian Mackaye's stint as Häagen-Dazs managers, we're giving away a free all-you-can-eat* ice-cream session at Trampoline on Brunswick St... or, another ice-cream place, if you prefer. I like the ice-cream there. It can be after the gig, or if you wanna organise another time, we'll work it out.

Okay, so, what do you have to do to win? Simply come up with the most creative meaning behind YIS as an acronym; i.e. Yours in Satan, Young Interstellar Spacemen, etc. The winner will be judged by YIS and annouced on the night at The Tote (31st of October at 5pm). You have to be there to win it. You can post it here on the blog, or email to

Good luck!

*up to the value, of like, $30 bucks. How much ice-cream can you actually handle?! We might buy you a tub to take home as well.


  1. Youth Inspired by Stooges

    Youse is Sweet

    Young In Spirit

    - Gabbo

    PPS - Have a great night, the gig and the comp are great ideas.

  2. Yodel in Sync

    Yammering Identical Smurfs

    Your image sucks

    Yellow incremental scrolling

    You're It Son!

    - Andrew

  3. Oh, one last one

    Young Icecream Slut

  4. young instant stereo

    you i she

    yelling inside stalactites

    yard into story

    yelling incompetent stooges

  5. Yippee I Scream.

    Wonderful idea for a contest.

  6. YIS is Simon

    Seriously, it's all I could hear.
    Shhhh I wanna hear the bass!

  7. true, but she didn't want to be heard!!