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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

YIS Stop

It's probably the appropriate time to announce that we're pausing for reflection, possibly by a stream or a lake, as pictured in the above Photoshop dramatisation. Although it is a massive wank to announce some sort of breakup or hiatus for a band like us, this is just a heads up to say if you have the burning desire to see us play you'd best come along to Yah Yah's next Saturday night (which is free), or find tickets to what will be our "last" show at Pony on December 1. We may never play again or we might come back with an amazing new album in the distant future. Currently there's no desire to lift things in and out of venues and no new songs coming, so there it is. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last Ride At Pony

We've been invited to play the last Pony show with Deaf Wish, The Onyas and our pals in The Thod, who we played our very first show with. Which was at Pony. Tickets $20 and very limited, more great bands still to be announced. We haven't got any plans after this show so if you wanna come see us, grab your tickets while you still can. (It's now sold out.)

You can also read some of Simon's memories of Pony along with those of some other folk over at Mess+Noise.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cup Day at The Tote

"Australia's rock n roll mecca The Tote will be host to the first Cup My Balls festival on 6th November (the other Cup Day). With a line-up consisting of Harmony, Baptism of Uzi, Yis, Wicked city, Spinning Rooms, Sun God Replica, Sheriff, Batpiss, The Jackals, Deep Heat and the Euphoriacs it's proof that Melbourne is a gigantic petri dish of talent, with dozens of superb bands growing in every crack like mould spores. All bands on the night will be recorded with one song from each set to be released on a live C.D by Spooky records. With the low, low entry price of $15 that's just a dollar and a bit for each of these incredible bands."

Doors at 2pm. We'll be on later. FB event here.

Also keep in mind the High Fangs launch on November 24. We've also got another show coming up at the start of December which'll be announced soon.

Friday, October 5, 2012

High Fangs Launch + More Pedals For Sale

Our next show is helping High Fangs launch their debut LP at Yah Yah's on Saturday November 24. You can check the album out at all the regular places. Here's a Spotify link if you're lazy and use Spotify. I (as in Simon from YIS) play a bit of keys on one track ('Call Up') and might jump up on the night to do a couple of tunes. Also playing are Richie 1250 & The Brides Of Christ and Western Stars. I think we're on second last.

Also, we're selling some more pedals from the pile on eBay. Click here to view the auctions. Some cool stuff ending today (original Tym Human Fly, Tym Tatanka Tone Boost, Wattson FY-2 Shin-Ei Fuzz, Line 6 M5, Framptone Amp Switcher, Cusack Tap-A-Whirl Tremolo), as well as Bron's ancient Ibanez Double Sound Fuzz Wah ending next week. Bid away.

Finally, this Sunday, there'll be a short YIS interview on Bayside's Southern FM (88.3FM if you're in the area) on the 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' program sometime between 2 and 4pm. Live stream here.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Obits Support

So, Tuesday 28th of August at The Tote; Obits with Mesa Cosa and YIS. This'll be our first show in almost six months. Tickets are $22 on the door. Free BBQ out the back. Free shots of rum circulating. Doors at 7:30. We're on at 7:45.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Very happy to announce that our first show in six months will be at The Old Bar, Fitzroy on Saturday September 15 for a benefit helping Kids of Zoo get to Europe. Also playing are Udays Tigers and Rayon Moon. Should be a cracker.

However, we will be playing one show before that in the last week of August. Details announced next Friday. It's gonna be awesome.

Monday, July 9, 2012

YIS International Radio Ep. 2

Second installment of our Spotify playlist series.

Simon chose Trans Am, Harald Grosskopt, Donnie & Joe Emerson and Can, Andre picked Liars, Luna, The Besnard Lakes and Black Moth Super Rainbow, Matt selected Baptism of Uzi, Radio Birdman, Tom Waits and Earthless, and Bronwyn decided on Black Van, Huxley, The Juan Maclean and Vakula.

Listen below or click the following link: YIS International Radio (with YIS).

[update: now with 77 tracks from all our July playlist picks below]

Monday, July 2, 2012

LP No.2 Update, YIS Radio, Free Live Album, Shows

This week, for the first time since March, all four members of YIS will be in the same country, which means we can make a start on recording our second album. Hopefully out by the end of the year.

We've also started up a weekly "radio show" playlist for those of you on Spotify. Load it up here and subscribe, or listen below.

Simon is responsible for Young MC, Colonel Abrams, Bryan Adams and The Smiths, Matt for Paul Kelly, Action Bronson, Creedence and Hot Snakes, Bron for Tom Trago, Jacques Renault, Motor City Drum Ensemble and todd Terje, and Andre chose Gruff Rhys, Kids of Zoo, Jack Ladder and The War on Drugs.

We've also uploaded the entire performance from our Tote farewell show to our Soundcloud. For a limited time, you can also download the whole thing from here.

We've got a pair of shows coming up in late-August and September at the usual venues; one TBA support slot and a fundraiser for some pals hitting the road overseas. Details when they're announced.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free Download: Burning Well/Infin (Live)

For those who missed out on our gig at The Tote a couple of weeks back; here's a snippet of what it sounded like. If the rest of the tracks come out good we'll chuck them up too. But for now, here's Burning Well and Infin. You can stream it below or download it by pressing the little button that says 'download'.

Andre and Simon fly off to Europe tomorrow; keep track of where they are and what they're up to on the YIS Facebook page. They'll also be posting demos and sounds from the road up on the Soundcloud.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Facebook Competition

Okay, so, ever since Facebook upgraded our old group to a new group (and in the process deleted all the members), our number of 'likes' on the book o' face has looked pretty grim. Anyway, to rectify that, we're running a competition where you can win a bunch of really cool stuff just for clicking LIKE on our page.

So, here's what you can win.

Pretty cool, huh? And here's more detail...

Firstly, a full set of every YIS release so far: the YIS Live Mixtape #1 (number 4 of 40 copies, mostly given away at The Tote on October 31, 2009), the Trevor Block Rockin' Beats/Sex Beat single (number 26 of 30 copies, only given away at our show at The Birmingham Hotel on January 7, 2010), the Lizardman/Live at YIS Manor EP (number 12 of 30 only given out at The Old Bar in March 2010, but there are a few less as I didn't burn off as many as I numbered), and our first proper recording: Kingdom of Fuzz (number whatever of 500, of which we only have a few copies left).

Speaking of Kingdom of Fuzz, you also win the guitar strings off the Gibson Non-Reverse Firebird I used to record every guitar note on the entire album. (Okay, fine, I did use a couple of other guitars for little bits, and I did break one string on the second day (I think it was the G string), and that one ended up on the floor/in the bin, but the replacement string did see a lot of action as well.)

You also get a YIS shirt (but unfortunately sizes are limited to S, L, XL, 2XL or Girls Large), as well as the three Kingdom of Fuzz badges and a signed poster.

I'm trying to get Andre to donate one of his doodles for this too (like the ones he did for the gig on Sunday), so hopefully that'll be included too, as well as any other cool stuff I can dig up between now and next week.

Three runners-up will get a deluxe KoF set with a shirt, CD, badge and poster.

So, yes, all you have to do is go here and like the page. Or just click below! If you already like it, you're already entered. Winner will be chosen at random when the competition closes on Friday March 16th.