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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Busy times in YISLAND. Thank you Matthew Fazio for reminding me that I did not update yesterday, and suggesting I should take down the "updated daily" notice on the BLOG. Well, Matthew, if you want daily updates so bad, you should subscribe to our Twitter.

It won't happen again.

So, we've been freaking out a little bit about the gig coming up next Saturday. This is confirmed; we're on at 10pm at Pony. Also playing are The Thod and JJ Symon & The Monochromes. $6 to get in.

We've been working hard on putting together a set (which has caused the Mixtape recording to go a little offschedule, although it should be ready in time for the Tote gig). We've worked together a 10 song set which will feature a vocoder at some point.

Still to come on today's (or tomorrow's) YISBLOG, (depending on how co-operative Windows Vista wants to be with letting me back onto the network); some HD rehersal footage from yesterday of YIS working out 'Trevor Block Rockin' Beats', and a (potentially explosive) special YISCHEF report from last night's DDC dinner at Attica. Stay tuned, YISFANS.

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