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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cover Song - "Dirt" (Glenn Danzig stuck in a K-Hole Version)

YIS - Dirt (The Stooges) (Danzig tribute version)

The story behind this version: Ange and I started by tracking the bass and the drums together. On top of that we had a guitar, a couple of noise guitars during the bridge part, and then a Rhodes on top of that... Probably about an hour of messing around after the first run-through. I then had a crack at the vocal, I wondered "Why does this sound so out of tune... moreso than usual?", and realised I was singing the in tune... but to the wrong part of the song. I had mixed chords to the bridge and the chorus up... Fsdjhfjdsadfasdhfjashdfjashdfjahdsfd.

Anyway, we listened back to it a bit later in the recording program, and, by accident, I moved the speed slider down to 0.89 of the original speed... and it sounds awesome.

I'm gonna fix it all up tomorrow, but this will still probably end up as a hidden track on the Live Mixtape #1. Here it is in all it's goth glory.

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