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Saturday, January 2, 2010

YIS News #4

Phew! So, I did something I rarely ever do: initiate a cleaning up of something. I've wanted to record for the last month or so, but keep putting it off, but never knew why... So, maybe as a last act of procrastination, or to erase one of the reasons why recording at home is so painful, we decided to clean the bandroom up. Anyway, it feels a lot nicer to be in now, and there's no risk of tripping over cords that don't work or standing on drawing pins.

So, hopefully that means some recording tomorrow... Probably the Call The Jury/Trevor Block double A-side that we've been threatening to do for a while. Anyway, if that somehow gets done, we'll have some freebies at the Birmy show.

Other things on the horizon: our next gig is this Thursday at The Birmingham with The Strange Attractions, Nightmaster and Spitfire Parade. All these bands are really good. After that, we've got Australia Day Eve (25th of Jan) at Pony with Bad Orchestra, Baptism of Uzi and one other band. We're looking for a venue for Saturday Feb 14th as Where's Jerome are coming to town. Hopefully The Tote will have us. Then after that it's Spitfire Parade's CD launch at Pony on Saturday Feb 19th (or maybe the week after?).

The exciting news is that we've just started to put together an NSW/ACT tour for Easter Weekend. We just started thinking about it today, but it'll be from April 1st to 4th or 5th (smack bang in the middle of my school holidays), with Canberra on the Thursday night (before Good Friday), and Friday and Saturday in Sydney and The Gong, depending on where's open. Let us know if you want to help out or play with us while we're up there, especially for the Sunday or Monday in Regional Victoria between Melbourne and Canberra on the way back home.

We're also thinking about (in a very pie in the sky way) trying to get Drummer out here, maybe in June/July, but we have no idea about how we'd go about putting on a tour or anything...

Oh, and I guess we'll probably make a proper album sometime soon.

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