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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week of Mayhem, Night 3: King Khan & The Shrines, Ding Dong Lounge, 04/01/10

It doesn't get much more intense than that. Not much I can say, really. This gig had it ALL. If you miss this in Sydney, you are a stone (soup) cold fool.

Okay, well, maybe there is something to say about this gig. Highlights were Khan's "gospel" tale of rebirth (basically involving getting his entire body inside his woman's vagina and coming back out again reborn) and a ripping version of The Saints' "Know Your Product" (performed mostly on-top of the crowd). Lowlights were inconsiderate dicks in the crowd getting all pushy-pushy when people just wanted to dance. A shame. Oh, and I got to do a little organ freakout solo when the keyboard was thrust into the front-row. I was pretty chuffed.

Tomorrow: band practice and Grizzly Bear at The Corner. Brother Matthew just returned from this one and he had content smile on his face and said "It was really good. Look forward to it." I will.

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