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Friday, January 8, 2010

Week of Mayhem, Night 6: YIS, TSA, Nightmaster, Spitfire Parade, The Birmingham, 07/01/10

YIS by Emilia
The Strange Attractions, plus Andre.

Thanks to all who came out and stayed out until the midnight hour on a school night... It was a big effort, and you were rewarded with three awesome sets from some of the best bands going: The Strange Attractions were particularly mental last night, Nightmaster had the undeniable groove going, and Spitfire Parade were even better than their last amazing set. As for us, we're still learning how to deal with things when it all goes wrong. Oh well, we'll get there... Kudos to Andre for pulling a double shift on drums and putting in an insane effort with both sets, back-to-back, after his first day back at work, and for getting up at 6am to go to work this morning... and to you if you did the same. Hope to see you next time.

Also, happy five month bandiversary, YIS!


  1. Bravo!

    On behalf of all attendees and participants, I give thanks.

    Crowd member.

    PS. WTF were the Strange Attractions on last night? Where can I buy some?

  2. i have no idea what they were on, but i'm more interested in where tim got that wonderful suit...

  3. With my super sleuthing I was able to uncover that it was, in fact, Tim's mums in the "60's". She used to wear it to bed. And her sister had a pink one that she was jealous of. Bonus points.