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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week of Mayhem, Night 2: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Forum, 03/01/10

Well, that was short. Onstage at 9:40, off-stage at 10:50. In-between was everything you expect from a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show; costume changes, spitting water, deep-throating the microphone... all entertaining. Even if the setlist did slip into ballad-town in the middle (one of the few times I've been at a show and thought "well, I might go get a drink now"), there were plenty of highlights. All the old stuff sounded great; Black Tongue, Pin and Y-Control in the main set and an encore of Maps and Date With The Night were the Fever To Tell choices and they pulled Miles Away from the EP. They even chucked in a Cramps cover and Rockers To Swallow from the Is Is EP. The rest was pretty good; the one-two punch of Gold Lion and Zero about five songs in was where the set peaked, and Heads Will Roll towards the end got toes tapping. Even if the mix was a little muddy and things didn't hit really hard where they should have at some points, you can't really have a bad time in the company of these guys. And David-fucking-Pajo on the keys/bass/guitar!

Setlist: Runaway/Rockers To Swallow/Black Tongue/Miles Away/Human Fly (The Cramps)/Gold Lion/Zero/Pin/Skeletons/Cheated Hearts/Heads Will Roll/Y-Control Encore: Maps>Date With The Night

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