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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week of Mayhem, Night 7: Future of the Left, The Corner, 08/01/10

The week of mayhem was completed with a gig that was, fittingly, absolute mayhem. An outstanding gig from the first note. Highlights (apart from the music) were the distribution of the backstage fruit platter to the audience, and Kelson attempting to climb one of the poles at the end of the gig whilst the Falco and Jack dismantled the kit onstage. Due to the keyboard going out of tune, we got one-and-a-half Manchasms, and Drink Nike was added to the setlist. YES! They were also pretty touched about playing their "biggest headline show to date" and that they felt like they were a real band when they play in Melbourne. Aww.

Setlist: Arming Eritrea/Chin Music/Wrigley Scott/Small Bones Small Bodies/Plague of Onces/Manchasm (aborted halfway through due to keyboard breakage)/Stand by Your Manatee/Drink Nike/Manchasm (full)/You Need Satan More than He Needs You/Land of My Formers/The Lord Hates a Coward/Fingers Become Thumbs!/My Gymnastic Past/adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood//The Hope that House Built/Yin/Post-Yin/Cloak the Dagger

The mayhem doesn't really stop though: tonight is our good friend Clare's gig with Between The Wars at The Rainbow in Fitzroy (onstage at 8pm), and then on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday it's THE MINPINS (Andre from YIS + Tim from The Strange Attractions with some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS) playing with TELECOM (in their first show in over a year) at The Brunswick Hotel on Sunday. Kicks off at 9pm. Details here.

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