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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Recording Jury/Block single, Day 1, 03/01/10

Nothing much got done today apart from setting up the mics and unpacking some new cables, but it's all ready to go for tomorrow. I got bored in the afternoon and made a start on a song called "Call The Jury (When He's Hungry)". The inspiration behind the song is a dream I had:

"Had a dream last night where me and three of our friends (Stu, Sarah and Kris) were going to another city... I got stuck with about six shopping bags to carry in the airport going through the metal detectors (thanks guys). I was driving around when we got there, figuring out where to go. There was a big ringroad around the airport that got us close to where we were supposed to be, but we couldn't get through a certain bit. GPS said we were only about a kilometer away, but still couldn't get there in the twenty minutes after that. We then met a couple of asian girls, who gave Kris of ours a present: a t-shirt saying ''CALL THE JURY... WHEN HE IS HUNGRY'', with a picture of him with one eye bigger than the other, and fangs looking very hungry."

Andre had an idea to have a pulsating synth bit going along with the main song. Anyway, I recorded that intro part today with my Korg MS2000 synth through a Retroman Wolf Tone Machine fuzz pedal (which is reproduction of a vintage FOXX Tone Machine octave fuzz with a few improvements). Sounds like this:

YIS - Call The Jury Pulsating Synth (sample)

Don't know if it's going to work in the context of the song, but we'll see when the drums and other things are added. We'll have to be careful not to throw too much noise in there... Anyway, more samples/photos/thoughts tomorrow. Off to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs now...

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