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Thursday, January 7, 2010


So, yeah, pretty excited about this one. $5 to get in. If you don't know where the corner of Smith St and Johnston St is, here's a map. You can take the No. 86 (Bundoora RMIT) tram from Bourke St to get there.

Doors are at 8pm, Spitfire Parade at 8:30, Nightmaster at 9:30, The Strange Attractions at 10:30 (featuring Andre on drums), and we're on at 11:30... a bit of a late night, but we promise it'll be worth it.

I've made up 30 extra special copies of "Trevor Block Rockin' Beats" with our cover of "Sex Beat" (not the live one from the mixtape) to give out at the gig. Totally free, just come up and grab one from us at the gig.

Hopefully we'll have a proper CD by... er... the end of financial year. We're just not sure what it's gonna be yet...


  1. Haha, I love it that you've credited my pseudonym.

  2. Also, save me a copy? I'll be in town nexct week.

  3. i think i've got some left over, as roxy got two for block and i kept one aside anyway...