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Monday, November 23, 2009

YIS Recommends: Person Pitch & Synecdoche, NY

So, after a ten hour day, it's probably a good idea to relax to something. So, I took Kurt Cobain's advice and tried some Young Marble Giants. Wasn't happening. So, just at random, I pulled out Panda Bear's Person Pitch...

Okay, considering this was Pitchfork's Album of the Year back in 2007, you've probably checked this album out, but still, check it out again. Animal Collective are almost in town... and although Merriweather Post Pavillion is a pretty decent album, this one is pretty damn amazing. It's taken a couple of years for it to click, but after a long day, it's a great one to put on to drift off to. Apparently the true mark of a great album is when as soon as it finishes, you put it on again. I've done this very, very few times in my life, but tonight, Noah Lennox, you've done it. Kudos.

While we're recommending things, Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut Synecdoche, New York has come out at ye olde video shoppe. Watched it last night and it blew my mind just a little bit. There's a few shocking moments in it (one of the scenes with Philip Seymour Hoffman and his daughter is really quite disturbing), and it's not something that's going to be totally digested in just one viewing. It's so dense it'll linger in your brain for a couple of days like a Lynch film, but unlike, say, Inland Empire, it's actually worth unpacking in your own mind. Seems like an intensely personal work, but I related to it in a big way. The final moment just hits you in the gut really, really hard.

I remember sitting in a Cinema Studies class back in second-year Uni and watching Adaptation, and the opening monologue setting something off in my head. I very rarely relate to anything, but for some reason Kaufman's neuroses really resonates with me, and every one of his films is worth watching.

Also, Jon Brion scores it, so you know it's probably worth a look.

Oh, and it's pronounced like this.

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