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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Free Download: Live Mixtape #1

YIS - Live Mixtape #1
(.mp3 format, 224kbps, VBR)

Click Here To Download

Recorded live at YIS Manor
Wednesday, 28th of October, 2009

01. New Race (Radio Birdman)
02. Sex Beat (The Gun Club)
03. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More (Mudhoney)
04. Dirt (The Stooges)
05. Where Eagles Dare (Misfits)
06. 12XU (Wire)
07. Orgasm Addict (Buzzcocks)
08. Trash (New York Dolls)
09. The American Ruse (MC5)
10. The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (Husker Du)
11. Sex Bomb (Flipper)

Simon Fazio - Vocals, Guitar
Andre Fazio - Drums
Matthew Fazio - Guitar
Tim Taliana - Bass, Vocals (on Trash)

Special thanks to Roffy from The Tote (for booking us), Bek Duke for the requests, Mum and Dad for putting up with the noise, everyone who came down to The Tote in the heat (Stu, Block, Jess, Andrew, Fi, Russ, Michelle, Gary, Aiden, Eleanor, Matt's other friends, Emi, Ruth, Jemell, Carla, Marc, Kizz, Timmy, Josh, Kelly, Laura, Myles, The Talianas and everyone else I forgot), the Tote barstaff for the watermelon and A.H. Cayley for being awesome.

(You'll need Winrar to unrar this)

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