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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Friends: Wrong Turn

Y'know when you get a CD of your mate's band, and it ends up sounding like it was recorded for $0 under their house on a walkman?

Well, I had the pleasure of driving around with the excellent new CD by Wrong Turn in my car for a few hours last night after catching them blast through a set to some appreciative diners at The Retreat on Sydney Rd last night. Apart from being some of the nicest dudes you'll meet, Myles and Ian pack a lot of punch for a two piece. The sound is pretty straight vintage (their description of Chuck Berry/Bo Diddley style rock is pretty spot on); it sounds like they grew up on the same stuff Jon Spencer did and came to a similar, but less zombie-Elvis-like conclusion.

And gear whores take note; there is some seriously nice ampage going on up there including some vintage Australian VASE gear and a set of Ampro speakers on wooden legs. I was thinking how nice it must be to play in a two-piece and not having to worry about all that gear until I saw Ian packing a station-wagon to the gills with his two speakers, two heads in massive roadcases and three guitars. I spose Myles' Ludwig kit is orrite as well...

Anyway, check out the Myspace for the next show details and some tunes, and get the cd thru Off The Hip.

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