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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photos: The Cursed Gig, 21/11/09

Despite the breakup of the first headlining act, the dropout of the second headlining band (due to a broken arm two days before the gig), the hospitalisation of our DJ for the night, the death of a 200-watt Marshall stack midway through a set, a busted A-string on Nightmaster's Fender Bass VI and the abysmal weather, we all survived THE CURSED GIG. I even busted my B-string in the first song... lucky I had 11 others to break. Good ol' 12-string.

Sure, the vocals were way too loud (thanks for telling us, guys), but fun was had by all.

Next gigs are...

Thursday the 3rd of December at Yah Yah's (Smith St, Collingwood), supporting The Thod and The Revels. Playing at 9pm.

Saturday the 5th of December at Public Bar (Victoria St, North Melbourne), supporting Mesa Cosa (Chris Chinchilla's new Mexi-Punk posse) and someone else. On around 9.

Invite yourself on Facebook here.

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