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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poster & Gigs

Here's the poster for the next YIS gig on Saturday, November 21st at Cobra Bar, upstairs at The Tote... We'll be distributing free copies of our mythical double-A side single "Call The Jury When He's Hungry/Trevor Block Rockin' Beats". These songs are so good they might not ever be released ever again. EVER. Pledge your allegiance on the Facebook event here.

But, if you can't wait three weeks for some fun, there's two goodies on this weekend: Chris Chinchilla (who used to play in Art Brut and Macaca Mulatta) new Mexican-punk posse Mesa Cosa are also playing Cobra this Friday, supporting Confirmed Reptilian and The Show.

Night after that one is the main event; The Holy Soul's album launch at The Oldy on Saturday night, supported by Mick Turner from The Dirty Three, Miniature Submarines (feat. Mark from The Stabs and Monika from Love of Diagrams), and Brendan Black from The Stabs. Maybe this is the Old Bar's way of trying to get The Stabs to play... The same thing happened with Wu Tang at an American festival a few years ago, where the dude just booked all the Clan as solo artists and hoped for the best... Well, probably not the same, really....

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