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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Next Gig: Cobra Bar (The Tote, upstairs), Saturday, 21st of November

Next Fixture

Saturday, 21st of November
YIS vs Cobra Bar
(upstairs at The Tote)

Bounce: 8pm

Team Changes

Out: Tim Taliana (omitted)
In: Bronwyn Liroudia

Out: The Strange Attractions (injured liver)
In: Fourteen Nights At Sea, Nightmaster, Pageants

Now we can move on! Next gig in three weeks at Cobra, playing original YIS material! Tim Taliana omitted for the returning Bronwyn Liroudia. Matthew Fazio moved from guitar onto the synth, but might be forced out with injury/better things to do. There'll be some free CDs, as per usual...

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