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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ice Cream Winner!

So, we had many, many amazing entries for the Ice-Cream competition, but there can only be one winner...

Bronwyn and Andre's favourites were "YIS is Simon" (by someone who attended our last gig) "Yes, I'm Simon" by Dan Harman, as it's apparently such an apt description of the band... to them, I say, you're fired. Gabbo's "Youth Inspired by Stooges" would have also been an accurate statement if not for the fact that Bron and I are so damn old.

A.H. Cayley gets the award for sheer volume of entries, including "Yorrick's Indigo Skullcap" and "Yoda's Inepitude Syntactical".

I personally thought kazpatafta's "Yemenis Impersonating Saudis" was the funniest and smartest, and tugboat's "Yoni-In-Sadhu" (roughly translated as "enlightened vagina") the most crazy and unique of them all.

To the above entrants, you all win our love and respect. To the people who insulted us using the acronym format... nice job.

All these mentioned and many other all would have been worthy winners... HOWEVER.... the rules clearly stated that you had to be at the gig to win the prize... so, I'm delighted to announce the winner of the YIS Ice-Cream Social competition is Stu Burns from (Undisclosed), Victoria for his entry "Yoda Implies Secrets". Congratulations for Bradburying your way into a mound of dairy goodness. Tell us where and when. Bring a friend if you like. However, they may only watch and laugh.

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