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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

YIS Stop

It's probably the appropriate time to announce that we're pausing for reflection, possibly by a stream or a lake, as pictured in the above Photoshop dramatisation. Although it is a massive wank to announce some sort of breakup or hiatus for a band like us, this is just a heads up to say if you have the burning desire to see us play you'd best come along to Yah Yah's next Saturday night (which is free), or find tickets to what will be our "last" show at Pony on December 1. We may never play again or we might come back with an amazing new album in the distant future. Currently there's no desire to lift things in and out of venues and no new songs coming, so there it is. Thanks.

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  1. May your balls (and tits) swiftly refill with YISM.