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Thursday, February 18, 2010



You know, it's been four months since we had our first gig, and, well, things have been a little tense in Camp YIS. Our hopes and dreams of living off our craft have dwindled with each show, and, well, we were on the verge of doing the unthinkable: concentrate on our jobs rather than spending our "work" time googling our own band name.

And, then, out of nowhere...


I am Mrs Irina Gutavo a Russian Citizen and a Cancer patient, just
recently my doctor inform me i have a few weeks to live due to the Cancer.

I hereby bequeath to you my £20 Million Pounds in a United Kingdom Bank to
build a Gutavo Foundation as my sole benefactor for charitable purpose.

Please get to me so i can have my Lawyer/Solicitor contact you with
further instructions to receive this inheritance.

Mrs Irina Gutavo.

So, long story short, WE'RE RICH, BIATCH.

So, as of now, we've officially pimped our name from YIS to ¥I$

I have replied asking what I can do to help out and when we'd be receiving the money.

O, happy day!


Almost instantaneously I recieved a reply.

Henley Law Firm.
Delegate House, 30A Hart Street,
Henley-on-Thames, RG9 2AL.
United Kingdom.
Telephone: +447024086857


I am Barrister Thea Henley of Henley Law Firm, i was instructed to contact you by my client Mrs. Irina Gutavo regarding the Twenty Million Pounds (£20 Million Pounds) she wish to release to you for Charity Purpose.

Please completely fill and forward the below information to this Law Firm.

Full Names:
Country of residence:
Telephone Number:
Address and Occupation:

Your response to this email with the necessary information will enable this Chamber prepare the inheritance documents from the British Justice Department, which i will then forward to the Management of the bank to release to you the funds for you to start the charity organization.

I will wait to hear from you.

Best regards,

Barrister Thea Henley,
Henley Law Firm,
United Kingdom.
Tel: +447024086857

I have replied:

Dear Thea,

You have no idea how happy you have made us. We are from a struggling rock band who play in Australia and we are in desperate need of this money to record our new album. However, I am unable to remember the requested details as we are all acid burnouts currently under the influence of mind-expanding psychotropic drugs. If possible, could you just bring the cash over tonight?


P.S. Oh, and also, Ange wants a Hamburger with the lot (no egg) from the fish & chip shop down the road. Cheers.

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