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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vampillia & Tofurky

Having garnered a reputation as "The Craziest act ever seen" in May, Vampillia (Japan) returns for an intensive summer tour. Vampillia turns classical music into Hard Core. Famous for the aggressive, chaotic performance with three eccentric Vocalists at front, a body painted dancer, macho man with a saw in his hand and a drug queen Noise Violinist, and strings at the back, they call themselves 10 piece Brutal Orchestra. After their very successful first Australian Tour in May 2009, now Melbourne knows they are amazing Party Band / Theatrical Classical act / Crazy PunkLive / Death Heavy Metal show. If you donʼt understand, you need to come to see them. Having Toyohito Yoshikawa (ex Boredoms) as a recording drummer, they are recognized as a genuine post-Boredoms indie act in Japan. Their 2nd drummer, Kazuhisa Chikada, also plays in Worlds End Girlfriend and will play as his own side project “No Name” twice during this tour. They toured and got a great response in N.Y. with Tujiko Noriko. Their collaboration with Tujiko will be released soon. This time they are touring with their new EP Sppears available at their shows.

"I saw these guys last night by chance and found that they are a bunch of flat out tallents from Japan playing locally... think, the Drummer of the Boredoms is the eleveth member, they are sound scape, math rock and creepy impro...... with a mascot who is creepy as all fuck covered in make-up and dances like a freak.... SIC! I tell you what thou, I want to see them again at the Old Bar, gonna flip my brains to fried messy stuff."

And, yeah, we're playing with them tonight at The Old Bar, Johnston St, Fitzroy. Doors are at 8:30pm and it'll cost $8.

Also, the good folks over at Where's The Beef? actually made Bron's tofurky for Christmas. Pictures and more here!

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