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Monday, July 19, 2010

New Blog, New Album

YISBLOG is back in business! Blogspot got rid of FTP (and I cracked it a little and stopped bothering), but I figured now was a good time to start updating everyone on what's going on.

So, we're going to be recording an album. It'll start in September (hopefully), with Paul Maybury (from Rocket Science) at A Secret Location in Fairfield. Andre and I checked it out over the weekend and had a listen to some of the stuff he was working on (including new and very awesome Baptism of Uzi release which you can hear here) and it felt like a good spot. So, the plan is to spend a few days recording, take a break, and spend a couple of days on the mix. I'm not really sure how it's going to turn out as we're not really sure what kind of album to make quite yet. It'd be pretty easy to crack out a decent garage/stoner album but whether that'd be worth listening to... I'm not sure... but I'm not sure if we chuck on everything it's going to be a bit of a hound's brunch... Anyway, when I brought this up with Paul, he said "well, there's only one way to find out", so, we will do just that. I guess we could pussy out and do a couple of EPs but that's no fun at all.

The working title in my head is "Qi" (pronounced "kee", which is the sound which Bronwyn and I decided is the imaginary sound that Captain Howdy from The Exorcist makes when he/she appears on screen for a frame), but Andre will probably hate that and I will too by the time we finish. We were actually planning to do a photoshoot with all three of us dressed as Howdy, however, the friend of ours that was going to shoot it just wanted to shoot us hanging around looking disinterested.

Anyway, all of our songs are up for consideration, so, all the stuff in our live sets, as well as some of the home demos I've been doing which sound more like Gary Numan and DEVO than anything. We'll be demoing the rest of the songs we haven't got a rough version of in the next couple of weeks to give to Paul so we can get a rough idea about what we're going to have a crack at over the few days we've got in the studio. We might chuck a couple of cameras up and do a web show type thing, but we'll see how that goes.

Otherwise, things have been pretty good. We had a whirlwind trip to Adelaide last weekend which was a load of fun, even if we did spend more time on the road than in Adelaide (although other have quipped that this was probably a good thing). We played at a great pub called The Grace Emily with The Molting Vultures. Nick (the vocalist/guitarist) saw us in Sydney and invited us over to play. They were great, and it was a top night (Richmond even won), and we've been converted to Central Districs fans in SANFL (the South Australian footy comp). Sorry to all our Adelaide fans who support Sturt. It was a bit of a long drive back, but it's a lot easier after a good gig.

We've got a couple more coming up before the show; next Friday night (July 30th) is Last Tram Home at The Old Bar, where we're playing with our friends Wrong Turn and another band that's yet to be worked out by Mr. Trevor Block. We're also playing the Legends of Motorsport horn party with Dynamo, which has landed on Election Night (Saturday 21st of August) at The East Brunswick Club. And then we'll firing up the tape machines... Exciting times!